About Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, Indiana

Cooley Clinic - Veterinarian in Highland, IN
The Cooley family has practiced veterinary medicine in the Calumet region for over fifty years. Dr. David Cooley opened Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, Indiana in 1981. His son Dr. Tracy Cooley, while practicing in Chicago, began performing surgeries soon thereafter. In 1990, Dr. Tracy Cooley joined his father full time creating a two doctor practice. Dr. David Cooley retired in 1994 and Dr. Tracy Cooley has been at the helm ever since.

Since then, we at Cooley Animal Clinic have continued to upgrade our surgical capabilities, our technical staff, and our internal medicine practice. Cooley Animal Clinic is able to treat most medical conditions including cancer, orthopedic problems, chronic skin and allergy issues, heart conditions, endocrine disorders, and many others. We also put a strong emphasis on annual wellness programs to maintain pet health and help prevent problems. Our surgical and medical nursing staff has over forty years of experience allowing our clients to feel confident in their pets' surgery and treatment protocols.

Meet Our Staff

Veterinarian - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

Dr. Cooley - Clinic Veterinarian

Dr. Cooley attended the Purdue University Veterinary School, graduating in 1981. A few areas of special interest include skin and allergy problems, endocrine disorders (i.e. diabetes, thyroid and Cushing’s disease), orthopedic problems and cancer medicine and surgery.  Read more
Office Manager - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

Julie - Office Manager

Julie has been at Cooley Animal Clinic since October of 2005. She has been in the veterinary field since 1989 as both a receptionist and vet assistant. Julie has two dogs named “Butch” and “Gypsy” and a cat named “Jasper”.
Veterinary Technician - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

Kim - Registered Veterinary Technician

Kim is a registered veterinary technician. She is a graduate from Purdue University. Kim has been part of the Cooley Animal Clinic team since November of 2002. She has a dog named “Kali” and a cat named “Kashmir”.
Veterinary Technician - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

Emily - Veterinary Assistant

Emily is a veterinary assistant and has been a part of Cooley Animal Clinic team since March of 2016. Emily has a cat named Jasper and has three domestic rats named “Star”, “Atan” and “Mooshoo”. Emily enjoys hiking and spending time with her pets.
Receptionist - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

Linda - Receptionist

Linda is a receptionist and joined the Cooley Animal Clinic in August of 2016. She has a dog named “Dexter” and a Plecostomus named “Spike”. Linda enjoys crocheting, sewing, baking and attending jet car performances.
Fathson - Veterinarian in Highland, IN

New Client Info

At Cooley Animal Clinic we see cats and dogs of all ages. We see clients by appointment so stop in or give us a call at 219-924-3877 to schedule an appointment. All new clients are asked to fill out a new client sheet prior to their first appointment. Please, download the form from our site and fill out prior to your coming in for your appointment or one can be filled out when you come to the clinic. We will ask for a driver's license to copy as proof of ownership. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as payments. Checks will be accepted after the second visit. Upon entering the clinic, we require dogs to be on a short leash and cats to be in secure carriers.

Get Ready For Your Upcoming Appointment

Below Are A Few Things We Recommend That You Bring To Your Appointment For Us To Better Care For Your Pet:
A Fecal Sample No More Than 24 Hours Old to Check for Parasites
All Shelter/Rescue Paperwork from the Adoption (If Applicable)
All Paperwork from any previous vet visits. If you would like we can have records faxed to us prior to your appointment.
All Medications, Products, or Special Foods That the Pet Is Taking At the Time


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Q. Why can't you use my leash?
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Q. Should I be worried if my pet scratches a lot?
Q. My veterinarian recommended that I take my pet to the Purdue Veterinary School. I'd rather not go that far, what should I do?
Q. Can I have my pet put to sleep in my home?
Q. I am worried about anesthetizing my pet, should I be?
Q. What should I do if Cooley Animal Clinic is closed?
Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. Patient care and client communication is very important to us because we understand how special your pet is to you!