Veterinary Diagnostic Testing in Highland, Indiana

When it comes to keeping your pet healthy and happy choose Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, Indiana for all the veterinary diagnostic testing you may need for your dog or cat. Whether we are screening for cancer or doing some simple blood work, rest assured that our veterinarians and technicians will give your pet the best care possible. Call 219-924-3877 to schedule your dog or cats appointment with our veterinarian in Highland, IN.

In-House Diagnostic & Testing Services:

Kristi and Emily - Laboratory Testing in Highland, IN

In-House Laboratory Testing

Cooley Animal Clinic offers a wide range of in-house laboratory tests. Our automated analyzers can run CBC's, electrolytes, and blood chemistry panels allowing immediate results for critical cases. We usually recommend blood tests before anesthesia as well as for geriatric pets.

Blood Work

We routinely send blood to our local veterinary lab, Clinilab, for many other tests including thyroid levels, phenobarbital levels, and many more. Having been in business for 35 years, Clinilab offers all the tests we may need to run for your cat or dog.

Biopsy & Cytology Samples

Cytology samples are taken from infected ears or skin and examined under the microscope. Needle biopsy samples can be examined in-house or may be sent out to our veterinary pathology lab. Surgical biopsy samples are also sent to our pathologist. Overnight shipping allows our pathologist to return reports in 2-3 days, quicker than most human hospitals.

Radiography (X-Rays & Scans)

A radiograph, commonly called an "x-ray", is an important diagnostic tool often used at Cooley Animal Clinic. The occasion may arise when the doctor decides to take a look inside your pet. You can count on our gentle and skilled veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians to efficiently take quality x-rays. After the x-ray scans are developed, the doctor will evaluate them and then discuss the findings with you. The whole process usually takes less than twenty minutes. If necessary, the x-rays may be emailed to a board certified radiologist for an expert interpretation; often that same day.
For quality veterinary diagnostics, call Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, Indiana at 219-924-3877.