Pet End of Life Care in Highland, Indiana

There is no situation more difficult than dealing with an aging pet that is very sick. We at Cooley Animal Clinic have all had to make the tough decisions when it comes to end of life care and understand how an owner feels. We can perform euthanasia in the privacy of the owner own home or in our clinic in Highland, Indiana. Dr. Cooley has been doing in-home euthanasia for over 25 years and has much experience and skill in performing a peaceful and painless euthanasia. We also do in-clinic euthanasia if that is what our client prefers. Body care (cremation) is available and cremains can be returned to the owner in a variety of urns.

In-Home Euthanasia Pricing

Having your pet put to sleep at home is certainly an option if you so choose. The cost varies between $300 and $400 depending on the situation and location. Please call us at 219-924-3877 with any questions and we will be glad to help you.

Feline Euthanasia

Deceased Feline Cremation (no cremains returned) - $79.00
Deceased Feline Cremation (cremains returned) - $179.00
Feline Euthanasia (body taken home by owner) - $102.00
Feline Euthanasia & Cremation (no cremains returned) - $147.00
Feline Euthanasia & Cremation (cremains returned) - $281.00

Canine Euthanasia

Deceased Canine Cremation (no cremains returned) - $79.00
Deceased Canine Cremation (cremains returned):
< 5lbs. - $156.00
5-50lbs. - $179.00
>50lbs. - $228.00
Canine Euthanasia (body taken home by owner) - $141.00
Canine Euthanasia & Cremation (no cremains returned):
< 5lbs. - $170.00
> 5lbs. - $175.00
Canine Euthanasia & Cremation (cremains returned):
< 5lbs. - $297.00
5-50lbs. - $320.00
> 50lbs. - $369.00
With the above prices, the cremains are returned in a relatively simple Golden Wreath urn. The Golden Wreath urn can be used if the cremains are to be scattered in a special location but it is also appropriate for keeping the cremains. Our crematory service, Metro Animal Service, also offers a variety of special urns for owners wishing to keep the cremains. The website link below will take you to Metro Animal Service's site where you can look at the various urns.
* Prices Are Subjective To Change Without Notice


Black dog - Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, IN
Sidney - 8/27/2015
Sidney was such a happy girl. She passed away August 27, 2015. We will all miss her and the joy she brought into the clinic.
Dog and its Owner - Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, IN
Karla - 8/22/2015
Pictured here is Karla with her loving owner Jeff. Karla was always so happy to see us and was such a good girl. She passed away August 22, 2015 and will be greatly missed.
For respectful, end of life care for your dog or cat, call Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, Indiana at 219-924-3877.