Pet Dentistry in Highland, Indiana

At Cooley Animal Clinic in Highland, IN, dental health is a high priority. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is stressed to help prevent systemic heart and kidney diseases that frequently develop in your pet's later years. We recommend that you brush your pet's teeth often. This will help cut down on gingivitis and tartar build up. As your pets age, they will likely need their teeth cleaned, so trust our doctors and vet technicians to keep your pet's teeth healthy. Schedule your pet's dental cleaning today, 219-924-3877.

Complete Dental Prophylaxis

We perform a complete dental prophylaxis, known simply as a "dental". Your pet will be anesthetized and intubated for the procedure. The doctor will thoroughly examine the mouth and teeth and may make any necessary extractions. The teeth will be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and then polished. Routine cleanings are generally not very painful but if extractions are performed or the gums seem extra painful, we will be sure your pet receives the appropriate pain medication. Dental patients go home the same day.
Please call our animal clinic in Highland, Indiana at 219-924-3877 with any questions regarding your pet's dental health!